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Check-out Dr. Tom H Clark. He's the best I've found in 36 years. If you had a bad experience with a dentist in the past, like I had, NO WORRIES. He does Sedation Dentistry as well. You'll feel no pain with the work he performs; root canals and extractions included. His staff is very friendly and highly professional. For those who qualify, he even has a "Dental Care" plan that allows you to make payments. Talk to Terry for more information on that plan.

For a pleasurable dental experience, try Dr. Tom Clark.

You won't be sorry you did.

To whom it may concern: My wife and I have been going to Dr. Clark for several years, and he has been one of the most knowledgeable and thorough dentists I have ever seen. I was very apprehensive about a crown that needed to be completed in order to avoid a root canal. After waffling for several months, I had the procedure done and the results were outstanding. His careful and precise work was a relief to me. In fact, Dr. Clark called me a couple of hours after the procedure to see how I was doing. You don’t experience many dentists following up with phone calls to their patients these days, but I really appreciated it. His Hygienist and front desk staff is equally as top notch. They are always professional, accommodating and friendly.

"I started going to Dr. Clark's office in 2008. I was looking for a new dentist because I do not like to take off work unless it is a planned vacation or scheduled Dr. appointment. My dentist at the time would not take early or late appointments or emergencies. So I went through the phone book looking for dentists near my home and one that stayed open late. Lucky for me I found Dr. Clark listed in the phone book, I called and was able to get a visit within a few days. I went there after work and have been going there ever since. The staff is very professional and friendly, they have always let me know ahead of time what portion of the bill insurance would pay, this was very refreshing as I had not experienced this in the past. I usually found out when I got a huge dental bill that insurance did not cover. Dr. Clark runs his office the old fashion way where patients come first and are treated with respect. give me 'old fashion' anytime.

Makes you want to see the dentist"

"My teeth have not felt nor looked this good in years! I really appreciate a job well done by Dr. Clark and his wonderful staff. The fillings look perfectly natural and the treatment was very comfortable. The entire office made my appointments a breeze and the paperwork easy. I highly recommend this office for anyone with teeth!"

Couldn't be happier!

At Last! I now enjoy going to the dentist.

I, and my friends, have been seeing Dr. Clark for over 4 years. He is very clear and upfront about his treatments and the costs. He is conservative with his treatments and never suggests I need extra work. He is friendly and very through with his inspections. I've had a few crowns and each one fit perfectly the first time with almost no adjustments! His assistants and hygienists are terrific, they can answer every question I have and everyone seems to enjoy working there. These are the best cleanings I've ever had. He has even offered to redo any work if I wasn't satisfied or up to his standards! My insurance (Delta Dental) always accepts his bills and his office staff is very helpful if there are problems or questions with billing.

Excellent Dentist!!

When our insurance changed, we had to find a new dentist. This is not easy since my daughter is terrified of dentists. I took her for a routine check up and cleaning and the Doctor and the staff were wonderful. They put her at ease, did the checkup, and made an appointment for her cleaning. My daughter has now told me that she is no longer afraid to go to the dentist, as long as it is Dr. Clark. My daughter is an intelligent 18 year old scaredy cat who is no longer scared. She went in for her appointment (very relaxed and without clammy hands) , had her teeth cleaned, and has her next appointment already scheduled in 6 months. Dr. Clark and his staff are a wonder.

The sedation helped me control the fear I get in the chair. So, in my opinion the sedation and a good dentist and staff have given me the power to control my fear of the dentist's chair.

If you're as anxious and uncomfortable as I am about certain procedures, consider sedation. Next to anesthesia, sedation was very simple and absolutely the right decision. I'd choose sedation again in a heartbeat.

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