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Cosmetic Dentistry You Can Trust from Sedation Dentistry of San Jose

We all strive for a beautiful and healthy smile. Unfortunately, routine oral hygiene alone is not always enough to achieve this. At Sedation Dentistry of San Jose, Dr. Tom H. Clark provides high-quality cosmetic dentistry to help you obtain a look you’re happy with. If you need expert dental care to resolve your aesthetic issues, call our practice today!

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Dependable Cosmetic Care in South San Jose

We believe that our patients deserve both excellent oral health and an attractive smile, and this can be accomplished through aesthetically-focused treatments. Patients visiting Sedation Dentistry of San Jose have a variety of options to address dental imperfections:

Teeth Whitening - We offer convenient take-home systems that are personalized to your smile. Patients can have brighter teeth within days, and maintain their desired shade of white. 

Tooth-Colored Fillings - The white composite material used for these fillings mimic the natural appearance of tooth structure. In addition to restoring teeth that are fractured or decayed, composite may also be used to replace worn amalgam fillings, improving size, color, and shape of treated teeth. This biocompatible option provides lasting appeal. 

Porcelain Veneers – Dr. Clark provides high-quality veneers to completely renew your smile. These porcelain shells used to cover teeth with aesthetic problems, including internal staining, minor chips and cracks, or uneven spacing. Our veneers are crafted individually to match each patient’s smile for a uniform appearance. We also provide Lumineers, a prep-less version, for those who want a simpler option. 

Composite Bonding – This cost-effective option offers minimal reshaping of teeth while also filling in thinner areas. Although not as durable as veneers, this treatment does not permanently alter teeth.  

Dental Implant Treatment - This procedure uses titanium posts as replacement tooth roots to provide a permanent base for fixed prosthetics. Dental implants are an effective, and long-lasting solution for missing teeth, failing teeth, or patients experiencing issues with their traditional bridges or dentures. Dr. Clark coordinates your treatment with specialists to ensure success. 

Snap-On Smiles® – If extensive treatment isn’t what you’re after, Snap-On Smiles can be an easy fix. Custom made to fit over teeth, this aesthetic option lasts for years and makes the smile look beautiful. 

Complete Smile Makeovers in San Jose

Our team is devoted to delivering quality cosmetic dentistry that completely transforms personal confidence. Those whose dental issues have a significant visual impact can look forward to multi-treatment plans prepared by Dr. Clark. By combining a personalized approach with proven treatments, our dentist can redesign the appearance of a patient’s smile. 

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Call our practice today for any concerns relating to dental aesthetics. We are dedicated to improving your health, bringing out the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted. Our practice caters to the communities of South San Jose, Alamitos, Edenvale, and Evergreen. 

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