Dental Emergencies in South San Jose, CA

women showing signs of tooth pain holding an ice bag to her side face. When a dental emergency occurs, it’s important not to put your oral and overall health in jeopardy and get seen for treatment right away. Dr. Tom Clark and our team take patient care seriously, which is why we help patients with dental emergencies in San Jose and surrounding communities. We will alleviate your discomfort and restore proper function and appearance to your smile. We do our best to schedule same day appointments for your convenience. 

Contact Sedation Dentistry of San Jose for emergency dental care! When our patients call for a dental emergency, they can always count on someone to answer.


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Types of Dental Emergencies:

Knocked Out Tooth

Having a tooth knocked out is a common dental emergency, and how you preserve it can mean the difference between saving the original tooth or needing to replace it with a prosthetic. When handling the tooth, be sure to avoid touching the root, when rinsing debris from it. If possible, place the tooth back in the socket, or keep it moist in a cup of milk, water, or an approved dental solution. 

Loose Teeth

Sometimes trauma knocks a tooth loose, but not out of its socket. If it is only partially dislodged, you can try to gently push the tooth back into position, but it’s important not to force it. Applying full and even pressure to the area will keep the tooth stabilized until you can be seen by Dr. Clark. 

Chipped, Cracked, or Fractured Tooth

A chipped tooth doesn’t always cause immediate pain or distress, but if the tooth is cracked or fractured, the inside of the tooth can be left vulnerable. After calling our dentist, rinse with warm water and take an over the counter pain reliever if necessary, but be sure not to apply a topical painkiller, as it can burn the gums.

Toothaches, Pain, or Swelling

When underlying health problems are causing pain, it may require you to seek immediate attention. Most toothaches aren’t in this category, but Dr. Clark will schedule an appointment to address the ongoing discomfort. For swelling, apply a cold pack and be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid further complication and give our office a call immediately. 

Prosthetics and Braces

If your braces, dentures, crown, or bridge have been compromised, we recommend you call us right away to avoid further complications.
If your circumstances are severe enough, we will meet right away or suggest visiting the emergency room if there is potential impact to your overall health. 

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At Sedation Dentistry of San Jose, Dr. Clark provides rapid relief to just about any dental emergency you can experience. Whether you call during or after office hours, you can rest assured that we will have you on the path to healing. We prioritize appointments for our patients experiencing a dental emergency in San Jose, Alamitos, Edenvale, or Evergreen. Call us today to set up an appointment. 


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